Frequently asked questions

What is an e-scooter subscription?

A subscription simply means receiving an e-scooter for a duration defined by you. It is different from leasing: you will not need to sign a contract for 12-24-36 months, and you will not possess the device at the end of your subscription. We offer the flexibility of 'no-commitment', meaning that you can cancel your subscription any time - with only a one-month notice period. And we will take care of your device any time you need maintenance and repair - for free*!.

How can I order a STEP?

You can order your e-scooter easily by signing up on our website. You can click 'book now', pay the fee of the first month and select your delivery date. If you are not convinced, you can fill your contact details and we will reach out to you to explain our service and answer your questions.

What happens if my e-scooter breaks down?

If something goes wrong with your e-scooter, contact us with the details of the damage via WhatsApp (0486935284) or by email on info@ridestep.co. Depending on the issue, we will either schedule a repair on-spot or swap your broken device with a working one. We will make sure that your scooter always works!

What is the minimum contract duration and notice period?

You can end your subscription any time with one-month notice period. This means that the minimum subscription duration is 2 months.

How do I cancel my STEP subscription?

You can send us an email at info@ridestep.co to request the cancellation of your subscription. Based on the one-month notice period, our team will schedule a pick-up one-month after your request.

What if my scooter gets stolen?

In case of theft, please contact us immediately, by providing us the details, such as date, location and how the incident happened. You will need to report the theft to the police and send us the registered report within 48 hours of the incident. We will charge a deductible fee depending on your type of device. If you would like to continue your subscription, you will receive a new scooter within 48 hours after reporting, upon payment of the fee.

What is the activation-fee for?

We collect a one-off payment upon delivery. This activation fee covers the first delivery to your address, the following logistics costs for upcoming swaps and cancellation, all the repairs/maintenance during the duration of your subscription, our customer service and other administrative activities.

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