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Meet the Founders...


Syrian-American Anthony Brahimsa is the CEO and Founder of Prommus— a traditional sentiment reimagined by modern technology to deliver higher nutrition for the greater good.

The outbreak of war in Syria sent a shockwave through region; displacing many members of Anthony’s family and countless others. Driven to help those in need he took on active roles in organizations like Jusoor and the Jasmine Fund to aid those affected re-establish their lives and raise awareness of the great humanitarian need in the region. Representing those organizations during roundtable discussions at the Clinton Global Initiative and UNICEF Children’s Fund, Anthony’s efforts lead him to travel to southern Turkey on humanitarian missions; working to establish schools and education programs for young displaced Syrians.

Malnutrition rampantly a large problem within the refugee camps, Anthony studied the rehabilitation process first hand— becoming highly educated in the nutritional aspect of recovery. An integral factor in this process is compact foods high in fats, complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Never forgetting those experiences, Anthony witnessed events that inspired him to think of food and nutrition differently. He set out to create a new product that not only tasted better, but was made better. Harnessing his Middle Eastern background, passion for healthy living, and an intimate knowledge of the CPG landscape, he wished to provide a healthier and more beneficial food for people in their daily lives. The result was an innovative all natural, high protein, and clean label hummus.


Mike and Sue McCloskey started with a dairy veterinarian practice in Southern California. Wanting to practice what they preached they took over a 300 cow dairy in need of some TLC. When their farmer neighbor offered to purchase the newly renovated and reinvigorated dairy facilities and herd, they knew they were on to something.

30 years later, Mike and Sue have become recognized in the dairy industry as leaders of change. They are founders of Select Milk Producers, the 6th largest dairy cooperative in the country, and Fair Oaks Farms, the nation’s largest agritourism attraction. From focusing on quality milk coming from humane, environmentally conscious farms where transparency is key to opening their dairy’s doors and joining forces with the swine, crop and egg layer industries to “edutain” over 500,000 visitors per year, both Select Milk Producers and Fair Oaks Farms are recognized for setting the bar in communicating with today’s consumers.

In 1994, when Sue challenged Mike to create a better milk for her and their family, the future of the fairlife, a dairy based health and wellness company, was born. Partnering with The Coca Cola Company in 2008, fairlife products are found coast to coast and have made a significant impact in changing the landscape of Ready To Drink dairy products in the market as well as enriching people’s lives with more natural protein and less sugar.

Mike and Sue, continue to innovate both at their home farm in Indiana, as well as Mike’s homeland of Puerto Rico. Their four children are all involved in with Mike and Sue’s various endeavors.